About Us

Veteran Steve Smith created VacAway Products in 2004 who has revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry with the best encapsulation / very low moisture chemicals for Professionals. Fast forward to 2024, Rob Allen & Son from TruckMountForums acquired VacAway to carry on the VacAway name and vision to help improve cleaners globally.

At VacAway, we are dedicated to providing innovative and effective carpet cleaning solutions. Founded by The Cleaner Image, VacAway Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Products revolutionized the industry by addressing the shortcomings of traditional cleaning products. After years of encountering products that failed to deliver on their promises, VacAway took action and collaborated with a retired chemist to develop groundbreaking solutions. In early 2004, VacAway introduced a unique SUPER BRITTLE drying polymer from another industry, resulting in products that crystallize upon drying. This technology traps dirt, detergent residues, soda spills, and more inside dried crystals, allowing them to be easily vacuumed away during routine cleaning. Extensive testing has proven that VacAway products outperform competitors and leave no sticky, dirt-attracting residues.

VacAway's innovative solutions include “Hel-Gel ORANGE,” a non-sticky citrus gel that crystallizes, and “PIG Out,” a paint, ink, and grease remover that doesn't require rinsing or volatile dry solvents. These products were once thought impossible to create, but VacAway made them a reality with exceptional performance.

Taking our commitment to excellence further, VacAway has partnered with industry experts Truck Mount Forums, including Rob Allen. This collaboration aims to push the boundaries of what our products can achieve, ensuring that professional carpet cleaners have access to the most effective, reliable, and high-performing solutions available.

The visionary behind VacAway is Steve Smith, who not only has over decades of years of experience as a carpet cleaner but also played a pivotal role as the chemist behind the development of VacAway's unique product line. Frustrated by the inefficacy of existing products, Steve Smith's dedication and expertise were instrumental in formulating solutions that set new standards in the industry.
With VacAway Products, carpet cleaning professionals can increase their profitability with less work while effectively removing more soil and stains than ever before. Customers will be impressed by how clean, long-lasting, and quick-drying their carpets are, leading to referrals and loyal clients who trust only VacAway to maintain their carpets.

Our range of detergents, spotters, and encapsulants is designed to make the lives of carpet cleaning professionals easier and more profitable. VacAway stands behind each product with the industry's best guarantee: