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True Cost Nerd

True Cost Nerd
The True Cost Nerd can help!

Do you know how much the products you use actually cost per Sq. Ft?

  • Now you can with the VacAway True Cost Nerd!

  • The cost? Nothing! Nada! Zilch! It is 100% FREE, no strings attached!

  • A low advertised price can be very misleading. The Cost Nerd will help you compare different products to one another regarding their "True Cost" to use.
  • You might be very surprised to learn that a higher initial cost product could be the less expensive one in actual use. If that is the case, the "Nerd" will make it very plain so you can make the best business decision possible.
True Cost Nerd

Download the True Cost Nerd for MS Excel

The "Nerd" is in zip format; simply unzip it and open it with any spreadsheet software compatible with MS Excel.

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Professional carpet cleaners often do not understand the "True Costs" of their products. We sincerely hope the True Cost Nerd will be a valuable aid in determining those Costs. You work hard and deserve to know the truth, so you can make the best decisions when it comes to buying the products you use!

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Steve Smith at VacAway Products
Steve Smith, founder of VacAway and creator of the True Cost Nerd.

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