Free Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Samples

What's in the Free Encapsulation Sample Pack?

It includes several FREE Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Samples which can be used for Hot Water Extraction, Very Low Moisture Systems and Auto Detailing.

There are enough free encapsulation carpet cleaning samples to make at least 13 gallons of prespray which will clean approximately 5000 sq ft of carpet. Where else can you get enough FREE product to clean so many sq ft? In addition, there are enough spotting agents to remove approximately 250 "Fifty Cent" size spots.

1. Commercial Magic 16 oz. Makes at least four ready-to-use gallons of prespray.

2. Encap GREEN 16 oz. Makes at least four ready-to-use gallons of prespray.

3. Encap-A-Cide 8 oz. Makes one-gallon ready-to-use prespray.

4. Hel-Gel ORANGE 4 oz. Removes several 50-cent size spots.

5. Formula 357. Makes at least four ready-to-use gallons of prespray. Our best all-arround Encap!

6. Pig Out 4 oz. Removes several 50-cent size spots.

7. Red Vanish 8 oz. Removes several 50-cent size red stains.

8. Spot-N-Boost 16oz. Multi-Purpose spotter and booster. You should never be without it. It is like a Magic Bullet for mystery spots and stains!

9. Double Trouble 8 oz. Makes at least four gallons of Ready to Use Product. A real money saver!

The sample pack also includes a laminated spotting chart and a discount coupon.

Requirements to order a sample pack:

  • Only one FREE pack per person or company.
  • Must be a Professional Carpet Cleaner or Auto Detailer.
  • These packs are not for our existing customers...

The sample pack is FREE . . . You just pay the reduced UPS shipping!

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Five Start Review
Highly Recommended! From Mark A. Minegar of ROGUE RIVER, OR

This is a great product. I love how they send a user friendly notebook on how to use.

Free Samples From Michelle Downs/ Downs Cleaning of MISSION VIEJO, CA

We highly recommend these products. Every one of the products we have used have been true to their word. So easy to use and work amazing.

Excellent From Marlyn of DAVENPORT, FL

Great products, they are samples but the sizes are big... I am very happy with my purchase.

Great Deal From Anonymous of Canton, OH

Still trying the products, but everything works great thank you!

Very Generous!
From Stephen Capra of Georgetown, KY

Generous amounts of some great products, some of which I will definitely be ordering! A special bonus that I really love is the laminated spotting guide that tells me which products to use for a particular stain and what to try next! Very helpful and appreciated!

From Anonymous of Fletcher, NC

The products were amazing!

Carpet Clean

From Anonymous of Campbell, CA

I have very light grey carpet that's over 15 years old. This cleaner is quick to resolve any mishaps that have occured from pets and people. I get compliments how nice my carpet looks, and a huge WOW, when they find out how old it really is.

There are many more Five Star reviews in our store!

Five Start Review
From Kevin Stolicny, Like New Cleaning, Canton, OH
See Kevin's full review here.
.... As you know shipping has gotten to be well over 25% of any small product order.
Yet you have put together a small but effective line of samples (many of which I’m still using over a year later) that allowed me to try (and of course keep on my truck)… In fact I made several thousand dollars using those products from the sample kit!
Now, on to your products.
I’ve performed things with your products that if you had told me I would be cleaning as I am 2 years ago I would have laughed at you.
I’ve cleaned in 15 different US states, done thousands of homes, and multiple businesses- my total square footage cleaned is in the multiple millions of square feet.
NEVER have I seen products that work as well as yours…
Your encapsulants have an amazing co-solvency to them, removing all but the most stubborn oil based stains, the deodorization capabilities are extraordinary, and the final results I get are simply amazing..
All of this with a dozen bonnets and a rotary floor machine…
Two of my last jobs were a tattoo parlor in a high end mall, and a 4000 sq ft home with 2 adult children, all smokers and a nice greasy german shepherd thrown in for good measure…
The kids bedrooms were dirtier than some bars I’ve cleaned, as was the 1200 sq ft basement.
Intensity Red- solved the issues…
Bottom line- you rock, your products rock.
If you ever want to use my name as a reference or care to print this- GO FOR IT!
Thanks again!

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