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SAFE-N-SOFT: Great product! I never imagined an encap product could leave such an amazingly soft hand. Tested on my personal rug, before putting it to work in the field, and my rug is softer than before cleaning and looks great. Another win from Vacaway! Safe-N-Soft Daniel KiteFt Wayne, IN Hi Steve, I received my order today. Thanks for the quick shipping. That Hel-Gel is good stuff, it saved five fancy sofa pillows that the daughter of one of my clients drew all over with ballpoint pen. All the ink came out and they look great. Hel-Gel Orange Richard BrooksHit The Spot Spot-N-Boost: By far the best general spotter on the market! I very rarely have to use a POG solvent because in most cases this works better. Very good on ink, grease, and mystery stains. Spot-N-Boost Jeff PatonEver Fresh Carpet, Kuna Idaho COMMERCIAL MAGIC: This cleaner is definitely more concentrated. Using the dilution ratio recommended is the way to go. I cleaned 1 of my commercial accounts and was able to use less cleaner and it even took care of tape residue left on the carpet without using an additional spot remover. Before I was done I already 2 compliments about the smell of the carpets as well. Commercial Magic Jason HerriedSan Miguel, CA Odor Death: Alright, I was skeptical of the name. But after using it. The name says it all. Odor death. Customers are still raving about their carpets especially pet owner customers. Odor Death Odor Remover Kenneth PalmerPoulsbo, WA ODOR DEATH: Great name as it kills the odor! Great product! Odor Death Odor Remover Scott WoodsIrving Texas I tried Hot Knife on bad commercial traffic lanes yesterday. I stopped in today to see it dry and the owner was ecstatic. He said “others have tried, but no one has been able to get it clean until now”. ….the Hot Knife worked GREAT! VacAway HotKnife Encapsulation Cleaner Steve RensSee Spot Run Formula 357 is now my go to for all Polyester Carpet It has a light citrus scent even at 8oz Add some Detonator for an oxidizing boost. Formula 357 GeorgeRiverside, NJ RED VANISH: Over 10 years in business I used several red stain removers. Red vanish works better than any other. Never had any problems with it going bad in my van in the hot Arizona summers. Red Vanish DaneSurprise, AZ Peroxcellent is by far the best thing I’ve ever used in my cleaning career. 20+ years. I used to love procyon for steaming. Peroxcellent cleans the crap, takes out the yellow and the odor…makes the carpet look better and better as it dries AND the carpets stay looking great and feeling soft for months…… The encap properties give me peace of mind for wicking and all that too. Thanks Steve, I’ll be buying more stuff from you! Peroxcellent Brian RobisonPriority Carpet & Tile Steve, I love your cleaners! Being a green company I am at a disadvantage with how well my products work but with your Encap Green and Intensity Green, I am able to do a great job and make my customers very happy. I have tried everything and your products are the best! Encap Green Joe HeinbaughReal Green Cleaning Previous Next
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