Door Hangers For Professional Carpet Cleaners

Door Hanger Marketing

Door hangers are cheap, quick, effective, and nothing is more "targeted" than physically getting your marketing message into your prospect's home. All owners of professional carpet cleaning services need to do consistent marketing of some sort. But, when it comes to door hangers, you might get resistance from your carpet cleaning technicians.

What's one to do to overcome their resistance?

Make the process easy for them. Instead of storing the Door Hangers and/or refrigerator magnets out of sight in the truck, put five-door hangers along with clipped-on magnets in each Job Folder. Now, the Door Hangers will be staring the tech in the face when they open the Job Folder! (It takes constant reminders to make things happen out in the field.)

Run a contest.

A contest can be a great motivator. Add a line on the door hanger's coupon for an "Authorized Signature." The tech would sign the ones they put out. Track the daily results of the returned door hanger coupons with a chart in the office. Reward the monthly winner with a dinner for two at a local restaurant you clean. Every three months, reward the quarterly winner with a crisp new hundred-dollar bill!

Using door hangers can increase your business dramatically with very little marketing expense. Sometimes old-fashioned marketing approaches work very well.

Mr. Wayne Miller of PDQ Marketing