Frustrations of Professional Carpet Cleaners

Frustrations of Professional Carpet Cleaners

frustrated carpet cleaner

As a Professional Carpet Cleaner, do you ever become frustrated with your profession?

If so, you are not alone!


You leave the job feeling proud about magically turning a nasty, ratty old carpet into a thing of beauty. Then that night, the customer calls and is dissatisfied with the job.

They say, "Now my carpet looks even worse than before you came; on top of that, you charged me $ XXX.XX for such a bad job!" So, you rush back to the job site to check it out!

The Result

It turns out that there was ONE small spot in the children's room you couldn't altogether remove. In the customer's mind, your entire cleaning failed due to this one spot. Could this unhappy circumstance have been completely avoided?

Absolutely! Here's How

Do a final walk-through with your customer before leaving the job.

A. Show them the "good, the bad, and the ugly."

B. Point out all 'areas of concern.'

C. List each of the steps you have already taken without success.

D. Explain why any further efforts on your part could make the issue worse.

Now, they 'own' THEIR problem.

If they discover it AFTER you leave, it will become YOUR problem!

One Last Thing

If you clean the carpets in a residential home with hanging chandeliers, turn them on and look for their shadows to show on the carpet. If there are shadows, point them out to the customer.

It isn't uncommon for a customer to mistakenly think the shadows are unremoved spots and call you about them. Point them out to the customer before you leave; otherwise, you might make an unnecessary trip back to remove those spots! 😊😊

How the Customer Reacts Depends
on YOU not on THEM!

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