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Free Small Business Operations Manual

Do you have an operations manual for your
carpet cleaning or other small business?

You can benefit greatly from having one, here's why:

· Eventual sale of your business: An operations manual is a crucial document for any business, especially at the time of sale. It provides a detailed guide for the new owner to understand the day-to-day operations of the business. The manual should include information on all aspects of the business, including policies, procedures, and workflows. A well-written operations manual can make the transition of ownership smoother and help the new owner maintain the success of the business. Without an operations manual, the new owner may struggle to understand the business and could potentially make costly mistakes.

· Consistency: An operations manual helps to ensure that the business operates consistently.
With a manual in place, employees will have a clear understanding of how things should be done and will be able to follow procedures consistently. This will help to minimize errors and mistakes and improve the quality of the products or services provided.

· Efficiency: An operations manual can also help to improve the efficiency of the business. By having clear procedures in place, employees will be able to work more quickly and effectively, without wasting time on unnecessary tasks. This can help to increase productivity and profitability.·

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· Training: An operations manual is also an essential tool for training new employees. It provides a clear guide to the processes and procedures of the business, making it easier for new employees to get up to speed quickly. This can save time and money on training and help to ensure that new employees are productive from the start.

· Compliance: An operations manual can also help a small business to comply with regulatory requirements. It can provide guidance on issues such as health and safety, data protection, and environmental regulations, helping the business to stay on the right side of the law.

· Scalability: Finally, an operations manual can help a small business to scale up.
As the business grows and hires more employees, having a manual in place can ensure that the business remains consistent, efficient, and compliant with regulations. This can help to support continued growth and success.

In summary, an operations manual is an essential tool for any small business. It can help to ensure consistency, improve efficiency, support training, ensure compliance with regulations, and support scalability.


For anyone that doesn't already have one, our FREE App is a great way to create one.

  • The manual is 100% printable.
  • See the screen shots below. For a much better view, right click an image and select "Open Image in new tab."
  • You will need Microsoft Access (32-bit format)
  • Don't have MS Access? No worries, Microsoft will let you download a "Run-Time Version" for free.
Operations Manual Instructions Page

This is what the Operations Manual App looks like and comes with some simple instructions on how to use.

Telephone Example

This is only an example of a possible category for your manual.

Printed Operations Manual Category

This is only an example of a printed category.

If you have the 32-bit MS Access already installed on your computer, you are good to go. If not, you can install the free 32 bit MS access run-time here.

Be sure to choose the "x86" version even if you have 64-bit Windows.

Download the Operations Manual for MS Access

The app is in zip format; simply unzip it and place in any Windows folder. Double Click to open with MS Access.

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