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Do you know your
"Break-Even" point?

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What is that?

We developed the Profit Wizard carpet cleaner software around the "break-even point." It is defined by the Small Business Administration as "The point at which total cost and total revenue are equal."

See the benefits of knowing your break-even point on the SBA Website.

Unfortunately, most pro-cleaners only have a vague idea of their "break-even point." Knowing that critical information makes it easier to determine how much they should charge for their services.

No worries, we can help with the "Profit Wizard." We created the Wizard to quickly narrow down that "oh-so-critical" amount.

Hey, if you don't make money, neither do we!

So, how much does the Profit Wizard cost?

  • Nothing! Nada! It is 100% FREE, no strings attached. Honest!
  • It will help you determine your break-even point. Once you know that, determining your rates will be much easier. You can then reap the rewards of a good ROI.
  • Profit Wizard is provided in two formats:

    • Microsoft Access (32-bit format.)
      Don't have MS Access? No worries, Microsoft will let you download a "Run-Time Version" for free.

    • Microsoft Excel (It is not as neat of an interface, but it is provided just in case you have trouble with an Access installation or you don't have a Windows computer.)

  • Profit Wizard will help you determine your break-even point:

    * Regardless of your cleaning method.
    * Regardless of the number of employees or types of equipment you have.
    * Regardless of whether you offer carpet cleaning or some other type of service (Some adjustments might be needed for other service businesses.)

  • Calculations are made using the info for one average vehicle and equipment. However, any number of vehicles, employees, truckmounts, OP machines, etc., can be entered for calculations. Calculations will be based on the average you enter for one vehicle and your annual expenses for everything else.
Profit Wizard Page 1

This is where your averages are entered for one vehicle.

Profit Wizard Page 2

This is where your annual company expenses are entered.

For a much better view of the interface, right click on an image and open in a "new tab."

If you have 32-bit MS Access already installed on your computer, you are good to go.
If you need to install the free MS access run-time, it can be downloaded here. Choose the "x86" version even if you have 64-bit Windows.

Download Profit Wizard for MS Access

The Wizard is in zip format; simply unzip it and place in any Windows folder. Double Click to open with MS Access.

Download Profit Wizard for MS Excel

Again, the Wizard is in zip format; simply unzip it and open it with
any spreadsheet software compatible with MS Excel.

We are always looking for ways to help pro carpet cleaners increase profits.
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Professional carpet cleaners often fail to charge enough for their services. We sincerely hope Profit Wizard will be a valuable aid in determining your "Break-Even" point. You work hard and deserve to earn a great living!

Charge enough every time!

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Steve Smith at VacAway Products
Steve Smith, founder of VacAway and creator of the Profit Wizard.

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