Tips to make customer cheerleaders

30 Tips on How to Make Cheerleaders for your Carpet Cleaning Business

Customer cheerleaders

As a professional carpet cleaner, there are many ways you can impress your customers and turn them into enthusiastic advocates for your business.

Here are 30 short sugestions:

1. Show up on time for the appointment. 2. Be well groomed and wear clean and professional attire. 3. Greet the customer with a friendly and professional demeanor. 4. Use a wipe off mat to wipe off your feet outside the front door before entering. 5. Ask for permission before entering the customer's home. 6. Wear shoe covers when working in the customer’s home. 7. Show before and after photos of previous jobs. 8, Offer discounts for repeat customers. 9. Offer a satisfaction guarantee. 10. Walk though the home with the customer listening carefully to their concerns. 11. Explain the cleaning process and any limitations to the customer. 12. Offer additional services, such as odor and stain removal or carpet protection. 13. Explain the benefits of additional services to the customer. 14. Provide a detailed estimate of the cost before starting the job. 15. Use clean, high-quality cleaning equipment. 16. Make sure the customer's pets are safely secured or away from the cleaning area. 17. Use spot and stain removers to target tough spots and stains. 18. Use a high-quality vacuum to remove dirt and debris before starting the cleaning process. 19. Use a low-moisture cleaning method, such as encapsulation, for faster drying. 20. Move furniture out of the way to ensure a thorough cleaning. 21. Use protective pads to protect the customer's furniture and floors. 22. Wipe down baseboards and make sure the customer sees you doing so. 23. Use a carpet rake to fluff up the carpet fibers after cleaning. 24. Offer tips on how to maintain the carpet after cleaning. 25. Leave the customer a free bottle of spot remover such as Green Wizard. 26. With the customer’s permission, place a business card type magnet on their refrigerator. 27. Provide a referral bonus to customers who refer new business to you. 28. Offer a loyalty program for frequent customers. 29. Offer a maintenance plan to keep the carpet looking great throughout the year. 30. Follow up with the customer after the job to ensure satisfaction. Check out some of our other material to help you reach for the stars in your business.
Steve Smith at VacAway Products
Steve Smith, founder of VacAway

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