Why use Encapsulation to Clean Carpet?


Why Use Encapsulation to Clean Carpet?

Cimex Encapsulation Machine

When addressing carpet cleaning, the predominant perception among cleaning professionals and building managers is that extractors are the sole means of cleaning carpets. While extractors can be highly efficient for this purpose, encapsulation is an alternative method that effectively complements and even replaces carpet extraction. The encapsulation method is considered a Very Low Moisture cleaning (VLM) method, and is employed to clean carpets with minimal moisture.

Both extraction and encapsulation techniques can yield favorable results and offer numerous advantages. Nevertheless, it is essential for carpet cleaning technicians and professionals to be aware of the distinctive benefits associated with encapsulation methods.

10 Great Reasons Why to Use Encapsulation to Clean Carpet

1. The encapsulation method effectively maintains the carpet's optimal appearance. 2. Carpets cleaned with the encapsulation method typically dry within an hour or less, allowing facilities to resume regular operations more quickly. 3. The equipment required for encapsulation is generally more affordable compared to extraction equipment. In fact, many cleaning professionals already possess low-speed machines that can be used for encapsulation. 4. The encapsulation method proves to be highly profitable when charging based on square footage, as it enables cleaning a larger area in a shorter time. This is known as achieving a "high production rate" in the professional carpet cleaning industry. 5. Extractors can overwet the carpet with a risk of loosening glued carpet tiles or carpet edges. Encapsulation minimizes this risk. 6. Extraction typically consumes approximately 20 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet, while encapsulation requires only about four gallons or less. 7. Encapsulation significantly reduces the likelihood of wicking, which occurs when soil rises to the surface of the carpet through capillary action. 8. Learning the encapsulation method requires minimal effort compared to operating a carpet extractor. 9. Soil collected through encapsulation systems can be easily removed using a vacuum cleaner, whereas extraction methods discharge gallons of soiled water into sewers. 10. The encapsulation method extends the intervals between carpet extraction sessions, resulting in cost savings, less disruption to building occupants, and improved environmental friendliness.

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